About Di Cicco's

On April 12, 1956, Mamma and Papa Di Cicco and their four sons opened the original Di Cicco’s Italian Restaurant. Papa would go in early every morning to bake fresh bread and prepare from scratch the spaghetti sauce, minestrone soup and everything else needed for the day. The four young brothers, Nicola, Alberto, Frank and Roberto (better known as the “Four Sons of Italy”) would open the doors seven days a week.
As they tirelessly worked together, singing Italian songs and tossing pizza’s in the air, Di Cicco’s quickly became known as the place for great Italian food, fun, and atmosphere. The same 1956 Ford Panel Truck that took all of them back and forth to work also served as their first pizza delivery vehicle.
47 years later, Di Cicco’s is still delivering a full menu of delicious Italian food to customers homes and offices 7 days a week, and is still known as the place for great family dining. Through the years the menu has expanded along with the number of restaurants. As the family continued to grow larger, more locations were opened. Today there are 19 locations in California, 12 of which are in Fresno. Clovis, Madera, Sanger, Hanford, Visalia, San Jose are the other California sites. The first out-of-state location has been opened in Colorado.
Many different family members now own and operate the individual locations. While each location may differ, reflecting the specialties of that owner, all stores continue to strive to serve fresh and delicious Italian food, just like Papa & Mamma taught them!

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